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  Slow life like 1850 
HAUKALI 33/3 your holiday experience near Preikestolen, Kjerag, Lysefjorden and Stavanger.


Reidunn L. Botnehagen, invites you.

We offer our guests a simple, historical and authentic, experience holiday. 

«Slow life». 

By travelling back to 1850 we want you to experience the “old” sense of time. Everyday life in 1850 was a lot of hard work – but it was also beautiful in many ways – and calming for body and mind. 

My ancestors lived here in Haukali, in what was called a “husmannshus” in Norwegian (translated to “Smallholder’s cottage”). The same type of house and size as we have now restored and offer to our guests.

In Haukali you will be surrounded by untouched nature and experience a unique lifestyle. We believe the atmosphere here will be a soothing relief for you. 

We want to tell you some of the stories we heard from my Grandfather, who lived to be 97 years old. He spent much of  his life in Haukalia as a sheep farmer. We have learned a lot from my Grandfather and his stories. I believe that knowing the stories of our past is essential for creating our future.

We will do our best to make you feel welcome.

If you wish, we can prepare stores of food and drinks in the Husmannshus upon your arrival. You can also order your meals; we offer a simple, but tasty local breakfast, and you can choose between 3 different dinner menus.

More details and prices are available by email request. Or you can prepare your own meals; ingredients and recipes for making homemade bread are in the house and included in the price. 

If you are lucky, you can catch your own dinner in the lake.

 When you leave Haukali 33/3, I am sure you will have stories to tell when you come home. Hopefully, you will leave here with a desire to return some day. 

 We are looking forward to having you! Borrow clothes likes 1850, take photo of yourself for good memories from #Haukali333



Husmannshuset is 38 m²big,

we invite groups up to 8 people.

You are surrounded by incredible and untouched nature, loneliness.

Feeling of off the grid.

​The house has a common room downstairs with a kitchen, wooden oven and big table.

​Here you will find recipes with everything from bread to pancakes or omelettes to be able to prepare the food you need. Except from 1850, there is a plug for power and refrigerator



Please click on the pictures to see more information



Nearby you will find different types of trips to explore. Go on a hike to famous Preikestolen, Kjerag or the world's longest wooden staircase Fløri 4444. You can take the tours by yourself or ask us for a guided tour. We work with local guides from Outdoorlife Norway , they will show you the best of our beautiful scenery!


Fish own dinner from our rowing boat, be with our farm animals, sit around at  a campfire in the evening or take swim in the nearby lake. In the fall you can harvest herbs, potatoes and other vegetables from your own field.


Homemade, traditional and organic food, like our farm eggs is what you will get from us. Everything is based on local and traditional food prepared from us (not included in price) or you make your own with our local recipes. 

All is traditional Norwegian!


You will hear unique stories about the hard life in Norway and in Haukali around 1850, the drowning accident and family relations about the emigration to America in search for a better life.


"I decided to visit the cabin because I wanted a little timeout and that is exactly what you will find there..."



For more infos about prices for accommodation with homemade food or guided tours please send us an email. We will answer you as fast as possible. Phone 0047 47510147, daughter Maria 0047 97043190

Haukalivegen 374 , 4110 Forsand, Norway

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